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MER Solutions is a multi-disciplinary professional practice offering specialist maritime, energy, resource, and shipping industry solutions, with a reputation for superior expertise, transparency, and quality customer service.

Embracing innovation and technology, we have proven experience in providing customised consultancy, incident investigations and undertaking complex feasibility and engineering studies. We intimately understand the significant demands of shipping and seek to efficiently streamline the process for our clients and stakeholders by providing our services on a 24/7 basis.

When you engage MER Solutions, you are engaging a proactive team that goes above and beyond to manage the regulatory, operational, and commercial risk on behalf of its clients.

POD DedicatedExperts

Dedicated experts

Our experienced team of specialised maritime professionals work closely alongside our diligent customer service and innovation team to ensure that we provide the highest quality service to our clients.

POD InnovativeSolutions

Innovative Solutions

As established industry leaders, we set the standard when it comes to developing, pioneering and implementing effective, yet practical, innovative digital solutions for the maritime and shipping community.

POD QualityFocused

Quality focused

We are driven to ensure that all our services reflect our dedication to excellence, integrity, transparency, and outstanding customer service, cultivating trust-based partnerships.

Embracing technology to support maritime best practice.

Innovative partnerships

MER Solutions encompasses various other maritime technology and innovation initiatives through our affiliation with MER Innovate. This collaboration combines our maritime and engineering experience and knowledge with the latest technological and software development.

This allows us to offer a range of unique digital tools for managing risk, safety management and reporting onboard vessels. This includes self-declared vessel inspection tools for proactive ship operators and supporting vessel management of technical, operational and compliance aspects.

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Only accredited company for BVIQ

Our flagship Bulk Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (BVIQ) product is a standardised inspection tool for verifying the condition, operation and safety performance of vessels. This innovative digitised tool proactively identifies areas of improvement in a mutual strive towards ensuring maritime safety.

MER Solutions exclusively trains, accredits, coordinates customer service and quality of BVIQ inspections globally.

The aim of a BVIQ inspection is to deliver positive vetting. To find out more about BVIQ and the benefits for ship operators, charterers, terminals, and ports, visit the BVIQ website.

A BVIQ inspection is the main prerequisite to commence a MER Vet process

Our state-of-the-art industry vetting program, MER Vet, uses these BVIQ inspections, past-and-present, to transparently consider the suitability of the vessel. In addition to these results, we also use numerous tools during the vetting process, including MER review and verification of observation close outs, as well as self-inspection and self-declaration tools completed on vessel via MER Ship. MER Vet dashboard allows the vetting superintendent to centrally administer and control the process from commencement until the end suitability status decision, providing a fully auditable trail.

Who we help

Ship Operators
Terminal & Ports
Maritime Industry

Advocating and assisting ship operators to ensure their vessel complies with best practice safety and operation models for ship management.

We build strong, trust-based partnerships with our ship operators, working alongside you and providing an extra expert set of eyes, to ensure best operational and safety practice for your owned or managed tonnage.

  • MER Vet
  • BVIQ Inspections
  • Marine superintendence and representation
  • MER SeaServe – technical support and vessel repairs to positively coach crew and develop best practice knowledge
  • Port captaincy
  • Incident and casualty management

Promoting strong partnerships to support the supply chain, operational support, risk identification and control.

By partnering with you, we are able to provide you with an independent assessment to review and monitor your performance and compliance, while identifying potential risk to your chartered fleet within your supply chain.

  • MER Vet
  • BVIQ Inspections
  • Pre fixture vessel suitability and compliance assurance and support
  • Marine and cargo superintendence and representation
  • Cargo and port operations superintendence, loadingmaster, and representation services.
  • Vessel and cargo inspections, marine surveying and suitability assessment
  • Representation for commodity traders and supply chain participants

Providing unparalleled terminal to vessel maritime interface support, operational best practice, risk identification and control advisory.

Our customised service means we provide you with a specific, tailored-to-you risk profile and maritime interface between ship and terminal, ensuring you’re able to meet your terminal compliance and performance requirements in a timely manner. We provide this service prior to, during and after vessels call at your terminal.

  • MER Vet
  • BVIQ Inspections
  • TVAQ – terminal vessel pre arrival screening and suitability compliance assurance
  • Marine and cargo superintendence and representation
  • Cargo operations management, superintendence, loadingmaster, and representation
  • Port and terminal feasibility and compatibility studies
  • Subject matter experts

Delivering premier consultancy, project management and engineering studies services.

Our highly skilled, specialised team are able to provide you with first-rate consultancy, project management and engineering studies services.

  • Specialist maritime and shipping consultancy, in all areas where our extensive experience profile can be applied.
  • Subject matter experts
  • Tailored consultancy
  • Incident and casualty management
  • Engineering studies
  • Project management
  • Casualty response

Your trusted maritime partner for all supply chain participants, providing key services including:

  • Superintendence and representation onboard vessels to provide technical support, management, vessel preparation, and verification;
  • Inspections including BVIQ (exclusively accredited for BVIQ inspections) via our digital applications;
  • Vessel suitability and vetting (MER Vet);
  • Tailored consultancy and coaching specialising in maritime, engineering and shipping solutions;
  • Project and incident management including root cause investigation;
  • Engineering studies including design and calculations;
  • MER SeaServe – MER Sea Serve provides assistance and coordination for mechanical, electrical and control ship repair and technical assistance.