Machinery Inspection Questionnaire

MER Solution's new focused inspection program: Machinery and Engine Room Inspection Questionnaire. 

MER’s well established BVIQ Inspection program covers a broad range of elements on board vessels, of which already around 30% of questions relate to machinery and engine room aspects. Trending analysis over the years has consistently identified Engine room and Machinery within the top 3 highest element group observation weightings. 

Based on this observation trend, and an industry feedback drive to assess and improve this area of potential critical risk, this highly anticipated new focussed program delivers a solution. The new program includes 15 elements for a deeper dive into Main & Auxiliary Engine Condition, Fuel Oil Systems & Bunker Management, Steering Gear Condition, Emergency Generator, machinery maintenance and PMS management, to name a few.

As with all of our programs, it will be delivered via a transparent but positive and proactive approach on board vessels to assist identify risk and foster initiatives of improvement, within the industry’s mutual strive towards maritime safety.

Our Machinery Inspection Questionnaire is now being introduced. To request an inspection or for further information please contact:      |