BVIQ3 Launched

During Q4 2022, our BVIQ question set was reviewed and revised.

The expanded questionnaire now includes a security, crew welfare and environmental compliance focus. As always a strong focus remains on engine room and machinery maintenance and condition.  

All questions have been reviewed and revised accordingly and are in line with current industry recommendations and regulations.

BVIQ3 includes 269 questions, across 11 elements, providing a thorough safety assessment and improvement tool for ship operators, charterers and terminals.

Major changes to note:

  • Element 1: Arrival & Security – new security questions added
  • Element 8: Crew Welfare, Working Conditions & Accommodation – new crew welfare and MLC related questions
  • New Element 11: Environmental compliance and questions

BVIQ 3 was launched live from 01 December 2022.

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